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The Russian Waterways comprise a system of rivers, lakes, inland seas and canals linking the Volga River with Baltic and thus Moscow with St Petersburg. The River Volga also flows southward from Moscow through the steppes of Russia to the Caspian Sea.

The Russian Waterways comprise the Volga-Baltic Waterway and the River Volga. The Waterway is a system of rivers, lakes, inland seas and canals in western Russia linking the Volga River with the Baltic Sea. Travelling the waterways between Russia’s capital city of Moscow and St Petersburg on the Gulf of Finland used to be a considerable challenge, as Moscow lies 400 feet above sea level! However, an engineering accomplishment involving dozens of locks resulted in the construction of a series of canals linking several lakes and rivers to simplify the route, a feat often considered greater than that achieved in the construction of the Panama Canal.

The Volga has served as a major route of trade, settlement and conquest for centuries, being an important aquatic "highway" since Medieval times, Peter the Great sailed along the Volga from Moscow to St. Petersburg approximately 300 years ago on a quest to bring Russia out of the Dark Ages. One of the best ways to explore many of Russia's highlights is on a Volga River cruise, sailing over the waterways of the Tsars, linking Moscow and St Petersburg.

Some of the world's most momentous events have taken place in these legendary cities, both have world renowned museums and historical monuments so experience their rich cultures, traditions, and royal histories. Moscow is the political capital of modern Russia and was also the seat of the Tsars in the middle ages. Visit famous sites like the Kremlin, Red Square, the Tretyakov Art Gallery and much more. Built by Peter the Great, St. Petersburg is the most European of Russian cities, a fairytale city of palaces, theatres and imperial architecture. It is also home to the Hermitage, one of the world's greatest museums. Journey to walled cities built in the middle ages and learn about the local legends and folklore. Enjoy the rolling rural Russian landscape dotted with farms, towns and villages that are characterised by onion-domed churches and the Kremlin. A Russian Waterways cruise is an enthralling voyage.

Russian Waterways