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Why Choose a River Cruising Holiday?

River cruising is the fastest-growing area of the British cruise market, providing customers with an inclusive package offering high standards and interesting destinations. So why choose a river cruise?

With many benefits to river cruising, it's easy to see why it's becoming increasingly popular. You get to travel through the heart of a country, seeing the smaller cities, towns and villages as well as the larger capital cities, all with quick and easy access, giving you plenty of time to explore. Passengers gain a unique insight into different countries and cultures across the world while soaking up fabulous panoramic landscapes - there are stunning river views from all points of the ship, so you don't miss the beautiful scenery and riverbank villages as you cruise by. There are new, more sophisticated vessels being introduced all the time, and new itineraries and places to go.

European rivers are the most popular, but the Nile is perfect for experiencing Ancient Egypt. Growing in popularity is the mighty Mekong River, flowing through Cambodia and Vietnam, visiting far flung places often only accessible by water. The Yangtze is an excellent way to see a large part of China in a short time. The Russian waterways link the two great cities of Moscow and St Petersburg, offering a fascinating insight into Russia's history. For the really adventurous, why not travel to South America for an Amazon voyage? Or journey to the heart and soul of America along the wonderful Mississippi, the Hudson or Columbia and Snake rivers on the West Coast. India and Myanmar offer further adventurous itineraries.

With upfront pricing, meals, many beverages and excursions included, river cruising represents great value for money and allows you to see places that are often unreachable by ocean cruises. With river cruising, it is much less manic and done with ease and efficiency, ensuring a relaxing yet memorable experience. With many different river cruise lines, a wide variety of different ships and so many exciting destinations, there really is something for everyone!

Now that we have shown you why to choose a river cruise, you can search for your ideal river cruise, find out more about the worlds best rivers, or check out our specially selected themed cruises for more inspiration.