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3 Regions To Explore On An Australian River Cruise

22nd October 2019

Our latest product offering gives you the chance to explore the wilds of Australia on a wide range of river cruises in three distinct areas. Known for breathtaking landscapes, fascinating wildlife, and fantastic food and drink, there are so many reasons to explore Downunder via the interior and coastal waterways.

If you’re interested in discovering areas of the country that lie off the beaten track and away from the traditional tourist cities,here are three regions through which you can sail.

The Kimberley

Horizontal Falls The Kimberley

This up and coming region can be found in the northern part of Western Australia and features an amazing coastline where wildlife and waterfalls become the main highlights. The season lasts from April to September, with the beginning of that period being the best time to see water cascading down King George Waterfalls and the end being when humpback whales arrive in the area.

Not all the waterfalls are vertical, though. One of the most impressive sights in The Kimberley is Horizontal Falls, where a narrow gap in the McLarty Ranges causes a tidal surge at certain points in the day. Guests can ride through here in a Zodiac to experience the thrill of the white water.

The Kimberley is also home to aboriginal rock art in the form of the Gwion Gwion paintings. As well as these, you’ll be taken to serene watering holes where you can swim without having to worry about the looming saltwater crocs.


Wineglass Bay Tasmania

If you’re looking for something slightly more active, the chance to explore the landscapes of Tasmania is one you should take up. These cruises feature hikes through jaw-dropping landscapes like Wineglass Bay and Freycinet National Park, accompanied by what has been scientifically proven to be the cleanest air in the world.

Other highlights of a trip to Tasmania include the tastes supplied by the farm-to-table attitude to food and wine production. Delicious flavours of local whisky and cheese will pass your lips, as you learn of their providence and the process behind making them.

As with other regions of Australia, there is plenty of wildlife to see in Tasmania too. The ship will take you close to the fur seals hauled out on the rocky cliffs along the coast and you’ll also venture to Maria Island where wombats, kangaroos and a variety of birds all roam free.

The Great Barrier Reef

Lizard Island

With professional marine biologists and diving instructors in tow, your journey with Coral Expeditions will offer much more than a day trip on the Great Barrier Reef would. You will venture to the outer reef, far from the tourist crowds, where the coral is unexposed to the damage caused closer inland. This results in a much more pristine and thrilling experience in this underwater paradise.

Both beginner and more advanced scuba diving sessions are offered for anyone who wants to get up close to the amazing array of fish and other creatures that live here. Snorkelling and kayaking are also available for free, giving you plenty of options for exploring the reef. Ten percent of all the world’s fish species live here, creating a menagerie of marine animals for you to see.

From a private mooring, glass bottom boat tours are offered to allow experts to help you understand what you can see. Coral Expeditions also has turtle hatching certification, so they can take you to see this magical event during stops at Fitzroy Island. All in all, it’s an unforgettable trip that has as much to offer younger cruisers as it does older generations.

If you would like to know more about of river cruises in Australia or you want to book your trip Downunder, call the team on 0800028 4272.

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