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The Upper Mississippi traverses the border between Iowa and Illinois and our cruises will also take you into Wisconsin and Minnesota, giving you the opportunity to explore the amazing northern states of America. With beautiful views and a serene atmosphere, a river cruise on the Upper Mississippi is a memorable journey.

The region was once home to famous authors such as Mark Twain and Ernest Hemingway and the river in particular was a source of inspiration for both. It's no surprise why,with stunning views of the horizon and a plethora of art and rich culture close by. If you head into the city, you will easily find an art museum or gallery to lose yourself in for a few hours as you admire the incredible works.

The river itself contains a number of locks and dams to admire as we pass by, and a range of wildlife make their homes along the riverbank. If you look closely, you will be sure to spot a variety of interesting creatures.

Join many great names in exploring the Upper Mississippi and let it inspire you as it has inspired so many before on a relaxing river cruise.

The Lower Mississippi River flows through the lively southern states of American,including places like Louisiana and Mississippi, the birthplaces of jazz and blues. In the Deep South, you will be surrounded by America's rich history and enthralling local culture.

Wherever you go there will be plenty to do, from visiting local clubs to trying famous foods such as Gumbo, Beneigts, or Jambalaya in New Orleans and Blue Crab in Mississippi. Not hungry? Then take the chance to visit any of the museums or art galleries around the states to immerse yourself in culture and history.There are also chances to admire the beautiful architecture of the plantations.If you come at the right time, you could even enjoy partaking in the famous Mardi Gras parade!

The Mississippi River is the second longest in the United States (2,920 km long)and throughout history has been an important aspect of life, from the Native Americans settling on its banks to providing water to over 18 million people every day in the modern era. Additionally, it's surrounded by natural beauty,surrounding you with incredible and unforgettable sights.

Southern America will immerse you in fascinating culture, delicious food, and amazing sights. A river cruise on the Lower Mississippi will be a trip you never forget!

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