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3 Things To Do In The Port Of…Koblenz

5th May 2015

The German city of Koblenz, also spelt Coblenz in English, features on many of our Rhine river cruises. As you make your way down one of Europe’s most picturesque waterways, you will visit many different ports, but none will be quite as old as this Rhineland city. Koblenz actually celebrated its 2000th anniversary in 1992 and will therefore soon reach the grand old age of 2025.

During your short stay in Koblenz, you are sure to have some free time to explore. So here are three of the best ways to pass the time.

Feast Your Eyes On A Fortress (Or Two)

Ehrenbreitstein Fortress

There is an abundance of castles and fortresses all along the Rhine Valley, and the city of Koblenz is home to many of them. There’s Alte Burg, built in the 12th century and which has a moat fed by the Mosel River; Stolzenfels Castle, which was originally built as an elaborate booth from which to collect river tolls; and the Fortress of Ehrenbreitstein, which is perhaps the most impressive structure in the city.

The latter can be reached via a ride on the longest cable car in Germany and is definitely worth the trip. Ehrenbreitstein is also the name of the hill on which the fortress stands, and this strategic position has been home to fortifications of some kind since the 10th century BC. Today’s structure was built by the Prussians and was never successfully attacked. Here, you can enjoy the excellent views, wander through the various museums, learn about the fallen soldiers of WWII, and even dine out Baroque style.

See Two Rivers Collide

Deutsches Eck

The German Corner is a piece of land that sticks out into the water and marks the point at which the Rhine and the Moselle converge. You can even see the distinct colours of each river as the two come together and head off into the distance. This point is known as Deutsches Eck in German and allows visitors to look out and enjoy the tremendous beauty of the Rhine Valley.

As well as capturing some immaculate images of your surroundings, you can also admire the monument built in honour of Emperor Wilhelm I. This 120 feet-high statue features the emperor on horseback as he gazes into the distance, seemingly protecting Koblenz from anyone attacking via the river.

Learn The City’s Story

History Column
Image: Holger Weinandt

The story of Koblenz can be gleaned as you take your tour of all the interesting parts of the city. However, a fountain situated in the Old Town square of Gorresplatz can communicate this via its ten different sculptured scenes that are juxtaposed together. The History Column, as the fountain is known, was installed in 1992 to celebrate the city’s 2000 year anniversary.

It was created by Jürgen Weber and depicts various points in the history of Koblenz. Among these, there are men rowing a wine-ladened boat to symbolise the Romans settling, trade merchants in horse and carts that represent the thriving industry between the 13th and 16th centuries, and a rebuilt city-of-the-future that rises out of the destruction of World War II. There are also some great places to shop, eat or grab a drink here before you head back to your ship.

If you would like to book a trip along the Rhine with GoRiverCruise, we have a number of different itineraries available. Please call us today for more information.

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