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3 Ways River Cruises Are Becoming Healthier

15th January 2019

One of the biggest trends in river cruising over the past few years has been the move to make this form of holiday a healthier option. Cruise lines such as AmaWaterways, Uniworld and Tauck continue to evolve their itineraries by offering more choice for anyone who wants to look after themselves whilst they are away. And, whilst, for many, a holiday is all about doing nothing for an extended period of time, there’s no doubting the popularity of river cruises that enable you to do the opposite.

2019 offers more chance than ever before to embark on a river cruise that soothes your mind, body and soul. And, as you’ll see, there is no shortage of ways to do this whilst still enjoying the benefits of a relaxing cruise through Europe.

Active Excursions

AmaWaterways Bicycles

River cruise lines have worked hard to offer a more varied array of shore excursions so that there is a choice whenever you arrive in port. This means that, a lot of the time, you can choose between a leisurely paced activity and something a bit more active. The itinerary could include a hike to a nearby monastery, a canoe session through breathtaking scenery or a bike ride to a charming village that you may otherwise have missed.

Through partnerships with companies such as Back Roads (AmaWaterways), Trek Travel (Scenic) and Butterfield & Robinson (Uniworld), you’ll be led by experienced guides who will enhance the excursion and help you get the blood pumping.

Having a fleet of bicycles available for passengers to borrow was once a rarity provided by just a few operators, but it’s much more the norm these days. This means that you are free to explore on your own without having to join a group and follow a pre-arranged route. Scenic even offers electric-assist bikes for when you can’t quite bring yourself to pedal up that hill or you’re too full of local delights to go any further under your own power.

Add all of this to the fact that some river cruises give you the opportunity to cycle to the next port of call rather than sail on board the ship, and you really do have a wealth of options when it comes to staying active ashore.

Lighter Menus

Avalon Dining

The food on board a river cruise has always been good. After all, who can grumble at four and five-course dinners, extravagant buffets and snacks around the clock? But, until recently, there has been a lack of lighter, healthier options for anyone who wants to look after their body but also enjoy new and exciting flavours.

Initiatives like Avalon Fresh (Avalon Waterways’ choice of menu options that make use of local ingredients, created by the Wrenkh brothers) now mean that you don’t have to substitute deliciousness for health. Whether you have specific dietary requirements, are watching your calorific intake or simply want to save room for a more indulgent meal later in the day, new lighter menus have added a new dimension to mealtimes.

Wellness Coaches

Uniworld Yoga

As a society, we are becoming better at understanding the fact that overall wellness is far more than just losing weight or eating the right things. Looking after your body also involves taking care of the mental and holistic aspects of health, something which so many of us neglect in today’s busy world.

However, the introduction of ‘Wellness Coaches’, or ‘Hosts’ as they are called by some cruise lines, is changing this and allowing cruisers to enrich their minds as well as their bodies when they travel. From yoga classes and stretching sessions on deck to discussions about mental health, the experienced professionals are on-hand to help you relax and squeeze every last drop of enjoyment from your holiday.

If you would like to know more about the active river cruises we can offer from a number of different river cruise lines, call our friendly team on 0800 954 0064. You can also contact us through the website by clicking here and filling in our online form.

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