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5 Things To Know About Expedition River Cruises

28th January 2020

Not all river cruises offer the same experience – and that’s exactly why we love them. The chance to try something new and different is one of the reasons you keep coming back to enjoy this kind of holiday again and again.

Whilst some river cruises feature relaxing journeys along the classic European waterways, there is another group, at the opposite end of the scale, that provides the chance to take the road less travelled through a variety of exotic destinations.

So, if this sounds like the kind of thing you would like to try, here are some things you should know about an expedition river cruise.

There’s An Element Of Flexibility

Kanee Pandaw

Due to the nature of the regions you will be visiting, and the waterways that run through them, expedition itineraries are generally subject to change. The vast majority of these will take place without a hitch, but anyone embarking on one should be aware that last-minute changes may occur in the event of high/low water levels or other issues navigating these remote areas.

This is by no means something to put you off choosing a river cruise like this, though. If any changes are needed, disruption is always kept to a minimum and the crew are constantly on hand to make sure everything remains seamless. Plus, it can often create spontaneous experiences that you otherwise wouldn’t have had.

You’ll Meet People In Remote Communities

Local Child On Stilts

Amongst the memorable activities you’ll enjoy during an expedition river cruise, you will get the opportunity to meet local communities and even be welcomed into their homes. Some of these, in places such as Nagaland and the Irrawaddy Delta, rarely see western visitors and some may have never met anyone outside their village.

The welcome you’ll receive could not be warmer. Smiling faces will greet you off the ship, locals will happily show you around and you will see a side of the country that is not accessible on a typical holiday.

Experiences Are Often More Authentic

Traditional Drummers

Because you’ll be travelling off the traditional tourist path, the excursions and activities offered during your cruise are usually much more culturally immersive. We’ve already mentioned meeting local communities, but you could also find yourself travelling in local transport (like cyclos in Vietnam), visiting charity projects or accompanying the ship’s chef to a local market to find ingredients for dinner.

It’s Typically More Active

Pandaw Sampan

Expedition river cruises are all about exploring beyond the usual sights and, therefore, the activity levels of these itineraries tend to me more active than most. Whether you’re trekking to a nearby monument, cycling along the river bank or climbing into a sampan to travel beyond the reach of your river ship, there are plenty of chances to stay active.

Shore excursions can see you spending a lot of time off the ship, but that’s exactly what you want from a holiday like this. In fact, our recent survey found that 60% of you consider exploring ashore to be your favourite thing to do on a river cruise.

But There’s Still Time To Relax

Pandaw Relaxing

With all that discovery on the cards, you may think that an expedition river cruise will include hardly any time to relax. However, this is not the case. After all, it’s still your holiday and the crew on board are determined to help you unwind and enjoy the good life.

As the ship moves between ports, you can take the weight off your feet and watch the passing scenery with a drink in hand. Air-conditioned indoor areas ensure the ship is always at a comfortable temperature and the atmosphere on board creates an environment in which everyone can throw away pretence and be themselves. Plus, each time you return to the ship, a smiling face will hand you a cooling towel and a refreshing drink before you put your feet up.

If all of this sounds like your kind of river cruise, we can help you find something suitable from Coral Expeditions or Pandaw River Cruises. Call the team on 0800 954 0064 for more information or to book today.

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