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5 Unmissable Wildlife Experiences During A River Cruise

26th September 2017

The exotic destinations that river cruising allows you to explore are home to some fantastic wildlife. The chance to glimpse endangered species that are rarely seen in the wild is a major draw in certain parts of the world and, should such an event occur, it is sure to be the standout part of your trip. Even those animals that seem commonplace can provide a memorable moment when seen in great numbers or in their natural habitat for the first time.

So, whether you love the natural world, or simply enjoy chasing wild experiences, here are five animal encounters you shouldn’t miss on your river cruise.

Tracking Tigers In India

Tiger Kaziranga

As one of the most beautiful and threatened animals on the planet, the tiger is a rare sight in the wild. However, choosing to take a Brahmaputra river cruise through the Indian region of Assam is the first step to making this happen. The Kaziranga National Park has one of the highest population densities of tigers in the world and was declared a Tiger Reserve in 2006. If you’re lucky, an early morning game drive will bring you face to face with these majestic creatures.

Journeying To See Jaguars In The Amazon

Jaguar Brazil

Amazon River cruises are definitely a great choice if you want to see exotic wildlife, and jaguars are sure to be at the top of the list when it comes to the species you hope to find. Each day and night, you will head into the rainforest in small groups to try and track down South America’s largest big cat. Other creatures making their home in the Amazon include sloths, tapirs, spider monkeys and parrots.

Expecting Elephants In Botswana

Chobe Elephants

Elephants may not be amongst the rarest species in the world, but it is still an awesome sight to see them in large herds exploring their natural habitat. Chobe River cruises from cruise lines such as AmaWaterways take you along the border between Zimbabwe and Botswana and into the Chobe National Park. As well as giraffes, zebras and hippos, this area is known for its large number of elephants which often use the river for bathing and fun.

Browsing Birds In The Danube Delta

Danube Delta

Some of our Danube River cruises can take you all the way to Romania, passing through a large delta covering more than 2,000 square miles. The many different habitats here are a haven for flora and fauna, and the biodiversity is only outdone by that in the Great Barrier Reef and the Galapagos. The Danube Delta is, therefore, a birdwatcher’s paradise. Around 300 species can be found amidst the marshes and reed islands, including pelicans, egrets and cormorants.

Drifting With Dolphins In Cambodia

Irrawaddy River Dolphin

There are many reasons to choose a Mekong River cruise – spectacular temples, friendly locals in remote villages, beautiful vistas. However, you can also add exotic wildlife to this list, as cruising through Cambodia could offer the chance to see one of the rarest river-dwelling animals on the planet. The Irrawaddy river dolphin is smaller than ocean species with a stubbed nose. They are critically endangered and are most likely to be seen close to the town of Kratie, upriver from Phnom Penh.

These wildlife counters alone are the perfect reason to choose a river cruise for your next holiday. When you throw in all the other luxuries a trip of this kind includes, it’s clear why so many people love travelling along the world’s waterways. The team at GoRiverCruise can provide more information on any of the destinations above, so give them a call on 0800 954 0064.

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