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Cruising Through Borneo With Pandaw

6th December 2016

A growing trend in the river cruising industry is the desire for travellers to move away from the conventional rivers and explore those further afield. European waterways such as the Rhine and Danube have long been the most popular rivers to traverse but there is a clear move towards more exotic destinations too. It may be the case that veteran river cruisers are looking for something different from what they have done in the past or it could be that far-flung destinations are appealing to travellers that wouldn’t normally choose a river cruise, but either way, lesser-known routes are becoming more popular.

One example comes in the form of the Borneo river cruises that andaw will be operating from 2017, a river cruising first. The company have managed to secure passage along the Kapuas River System, which flows through the Indonesian side of the island, and will launch their ‘Into The True Heart Of Borneo’ itinerary in February. Here are a few amazing experiences you can look forward to on this pioneering trip.

Admire Beautiful Waterfalls

Waterfall Borneo

By sailing up the Sekayam River, a tributary of the Kapuas, you will see some of the raging waterfalls that can be found amongst this system. With jungle foliage all around, these make for beautiful sights and show you the power of the water. The folklore surrounding these serene natural spots is just as alluring as the waterfalls themselves.

Visit An Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre

Orangutan Borneo

The most famous residents of Borneo are the spectacular orangutans that are a must-see for many travellers. Sadly, deforestation and other problems caused by humans have led to the destruction of their habitat and many orangutans find themselves struggling for survival. Luckily, foundations such as this rescue them and nurse them back to health, before releasing them back into the world. You will never forget the day you spend learning about the fantastic work they do.

Climb The Rock Monolith Of Bukit Kelam

Bukit Kelam

Bukit Kelam is thought to be the second-largest rock in the world after the well-known aboriginal site of Uluru. The origin of this giant monolith is the subject of folklore in these parts. Stories include the tale of Bujang Beji Dayak’s desire to cut off the flow of the river and the theory that Bukit Kelam is actually an asteroid that fell from space. Anyone with a thirst for adventure can climb sections of the rock using the rope ladder, enjoying amazing views of the jungle below along the way.

Discover The River Town Of Selimbau

Borneo River Town

You will come across many different river towns on your journey through Borneo but Selimbau is the one you will probably remember the most. This entire community is built on stilts so there is no traffic and the locals rely on the river for fishing.

Enjoy A River Safari

Proboscis Monkey

The wildlife across Borneo and alongside the Kapuas River is extremely abundant and so you are likely to see a wide variety of animals during your trip. On one particular day, you will sail through the Danau Sentarum National Park in search of birds, primates and water-dwelling creatures. This biosphere reserve features an intricate lake system that is home to proboscis monkeys, crocodiles, storks, leopards and much more besides.

If you’re looking for a river cruise with a difference, sailing through Borneo is the ultimate adventure. Contact us today for more information or to book this exotic journey.

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