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Cycling Along The Danube

7th October 2014

AmaWaterways is the only river cruise provider to carry more than 24 bikes and respective safety equipment on board each boat for no extra charge – allowing for an ultimate sense of freedom to explore either on your own or as part of a complimentary tour.

A lot of Europe is very accommodating to bicycles – with wide paved cycle paths allowing residents and tourists alike to enjoy a stroll by the river, away from the dangers of the busy roads.

One of the complimentary cycle tours is around the town of Passau, in Bavarian Eastern Germany, and allows travellers to see the sights in a unique and informative way.

The town lies at the confluence of three rivers: the Danube, Inn and Ilz.


I Like to Ride my Bicycle

Cycling around the town of Passau, alongside the River Danube, you will visit many sites of interest which will be explained by knowledgeable guides. The first of which is a Glass Museum which houses the largest collection of European glass in the world.

Travelling on to the Old Town, one thing is noticeable straight away and that is flood marks on the historic buildings. The Passau floods of 2013 were the worst to hit the town in 500 years, yet the buildings remain standing as they have done for many centuries.

Tower on Danube

One of the best-known landmarks in the Passau is the Veste Oberhaus – otherwise known as the Bishops Fortress. This construction is steeped in history; beginning as a citadel for bishops before later acting as a stronghold against the Austrians in the Napoleonic wars. Today it functions as a site of meteorological observation and a museum.

Veste Oberhaus

The cycle path passes through the University of Passau, where 11,000 students study subjects such as economics, law and theology. The university may be the youngest in the Bavaria region – having only been constructed in 1978 – but it was an Institute for Catholic Studies many hundreds of years beforehand.

Passau boasts a beautiful city centre and there are sure to be plenty of opportunities for snapping photos on your Danube cruise. The town became the largest diocese in the Holy Roman Empire and this is epitomised by St Stephen’s Cathedral which features a unique combination of Gothic and Baroque elements, as well as featuring Europe’s largest pipe organ.


Tempted by what you have seen? The sites above are only a small handful of what you can expect to see whilst on a cycling tour around Passau. The town is featured on a variety of AmaWaterways cruises; in particular the Melodies of the Danube Cruise which begins in Budapest before sailing through to Prague and is full of culture and heritage.

Europe is so welcoming to cyclists and with a variety of towns throughout each cruise; there will be many more opportunities for guided cycle tours with highly knowledgeable guides. Or, if you’re feeling brave, take a bike out and adventure for yourself along the long, wide and peaceful cycle paths.

After a busy day’s cycling, remember to ensure you’re back in time for what is guaranteed to be a superb and well-earned evening meal on board your AmaWaterways ship.

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