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Relive Your Favourite Film On A River Cruise

27th January 2015

There are times when we all wish that our lives could be part of a movie, but this rarely ever becomes a reality. However, by visiting some of the filming locations of your favourite film, and following in the footsteps of some of the characters, you can almost imagine yourself appearing on the silver screen.

The world is full of filming locations; some that you will be aware of and some that may surprise you. And so why not combine your thirst for travel with your desire to see what it would be like to retrace the steps of some of your personal movie icons. Here are a few examples of the filming locations you could visit on a river cruise.

The Sound Of Music – Salzburg


2015 marks the 50th anniversary of one of the most successful and popular films of all time. The Sound of Music won five Oscars and numerous other acclaims in 1965 and has had film buffs falling in love with it ever since. Fans of the story will know that it is predominantly set in the Austrian city of Salzburg; somewhere that can be visited during one of our very own Danube river cruises.

As your ship docks in Linz, you will have the choice to transfer to Salzburg for a day of fun inspired by the film. A walking tour of the historic centre will be planned and you will be able to enjoy everything that the city has organised to celebrate this landmark year. Hotels are dedicating entire channels to the film, theatres all over town are putting on their own Sound of Music performances, and the Salzburg museum will host a temporary exhibition featuring audio clips, photos, interviews, and more. .

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – Siem Reap, Cambodia

Bayon Temple

The Tomb Raider film may not have been anywhere near as successful as the Sound of Music, but it did have a cult following thanks to the much-loved computer games. Those who have been guiding Lara through adventures since the 90s and enjoyed watching her hit the big screen will be interested in visiting the filming locations in Siem Reap.

Our Mekong river cruises will allow you to take a traditional rickshaw ride through the famous temple district of the city. Whilst Angkor Wat (the largest religious monument in the world) usually receives the most attention – and deservedly so – it is the Bayon Temple at Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm that take centre stage in this film. Lara’s Land Rover travels past the iconic carved faces on the temple at Angkor Thom, before she encounters a mysterious girl within the entwined trees of Ta Prohm. All of these temples are situated close to each other and so it will be easy for you to explore them all during your trip.

Inception – Paris

Pont Bir Hakeim

The list of films set within the romantic city of Paris is almost long enough to stretch from the bottom to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Whilst famous titles such as Frantic, Dangerous Liaisons and, of course, Midnight in Paris are just a few on this list; it is Inception that has made the biggest cinema splash in recent years.

The twisting and turning plot follows a team of expert dream invaders as they attempt to bring down the corporation of their client’s rival from the inside. Many of the film’s early scenes are set in Paris; most notably those seen whilst Leonardo DiCaprio is teaching Ellen Page how to construct dreams. The café that the two of them are sitting in front of when Ariadne (Page) first realises they are inside a dream is ‘Da Stuzzi Patisserie’ on rue Cesar Franck, in the city’s 7th arrondissement. This is also the road that she ‘folds up’ whilst experimenting with what she can do. In the film, you can also see the two characters walking across the crowded Pont Bir Hakeim over the Seine. This is a beautiful, double-decker bridge that has a section of track on the top for metro trains.

You can see all of these locations from Inception for yourself on one of our Seine river cruises. Many of these itineraries start and finish in Paris, so you can see more of the city by adding a hotel stay at the beginning or end of your trip.

12 Years A Slave – New Orleans

Bourbon Street Sign

New Orleans features on the itinerary of our Lower Mississippi cruises and is also the place where many scenes from the film 12 Years A Slave were filmed. The Steve McQueen-directed masterpiece won 3 Oscars at the 2014 ceremony and its poignant telling of a true story has captured the hearts of many movie fans.

As you sail along the iconic Mississippi, towards the city of New Orleans, you may be able to spot some of the plantations used during filming. Breath-taking antebellum houses on the Felicity, Bocage, and Destrehan plantations all stand proudly on the banks of the river.

In the city itself, you may be able to recognise a number of buildings that were featured. The Garden District is where you will find the Columns Hotel. Portrayed as the Gadsby Hotel in the film, this is where protagonist Solomon Northup is taken to be wined and dined by Brown and Hamilton before finding himself chained up in the morning. If you head over to the city’s French Quarter you will be able to find Madame John’s Legacy on Dumaine Street. This building is one of the best examples of French colonial architecture in New Orleans and is where Benedict Cumberbatch’s character acquires Northup and Eliza. Entry to the museum inside is free and well worth a look.

If you would like to visit any of the film locations mentioned then contact GoRiverCruise today. Alternatively, you can submit your enquiry online and we will get back to you.

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