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The Asian River Cruise Bucket List

9th August 2016

Asia is a growing region for river cruising, as more and more travellers head too far off destinations in order to discover mysterious cultures and beautiful new horizons. With so many choices, it’s difficult to know which river to choose, but they all offer fantastic experiences that you will treasure for a long time after your cruise is over. Asia will keep you coming back for more every time you visit and so here is a bucket list of experiences found on river cruises across the continent.

Sail Through The Three Gorges

Three Gorges

The Three Gorges (Xiling, Qutang and Wu) will provide the most stunning scenery of your Yangtze River cruise. This famous section of the river can boast an award given by the Chinese National Tourism Administration denoting the highest level of natural beauty possible and is definitely a place in which you should grab a good seat on your balcony to take some fantastic pictures. You will also be able to see the fascinating Three Gorges Dam, the largest power station in the world and a mammoth feat of modern engineering.

Observe Life Along The Ganges

Ganges At Varanasi

All along the Ganges, people rely on the river to survive. Whether they grow crops such as tea, jute and rice along its fertile banks, bathe in its holy waters for religious cleansing or wash their clothes at the ghats along the water’s edge, it’s clear to see why this sacred waterway is so important. As you visit the local communities during your Ganges river cruise, you will be able to observe life here and learn how and why the river is so revered in Hindu culture.

Explore The Kaziranga National Park

Tiger In Kaziranga National Park

If you wish to explore a different part of India, the Brahmaputra River can take you through the Assam region on an enlightening journey that allows you to get to know the people and animals that call this region home. A day at the Kaziranga National Park is definitely a highlight as you trade your riverboat for an elephant safari. There’s a chance of spotting rhinos, buffalo, deer, sloth bears, jackals, many different bird species and, if you are lucky, the magnificent Bengal tiger.

Discover The Temples Of Angkor

Ta Prohm

Many Mekong river cruises start or finish at Siem Reap, the river gateway to the temples of Angkor. Angkor itself used to be a powerhouse of a city when it was the capital of the Khmer Empire during the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries but much of it now lies in ruins. The temples, including Angkor Watt, the largest single religious monument in the world, are part of a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site that attracts around two million visitors every year. Whilst Angkor Watt is the undoubtedly the most popular, others such as Angkor Tom and Ta Prohm are also very alluring and well worth a visit.

If you are looking to enjoy any of the fantastic experiences that can be found on an Asian river cruise, we can help you find the perfect itinerary. Contact our friendly team today.

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