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Why An Amazon River Cruise Is An Unforgettable Experience

30th July 2019

Whilst you may choose to explore some of Europe’s rivers more than once in your lifetime, the chance to sail along the Amazon is likely to be something you only do once. An extraordinary experience such as this will take you on an otherworldly adventure that is likely to stay in the memory for a long time after you have returned home.

Fascinating sights and sounds await in a part of the world that has only partially been explored. So, here are a few reasons why one of our Amazon River cruises will offer an unforgettable experience.

A Fabled Destination

Amazon River

The fact that so much is still unknown about the Amazon Rainforest gives it a mystical aura that few other river cruise destinations have. This translates to a feeling of never quite being sure what you’re going to find as you sail along the world’s largest river by volume. Tribes thrive amongst the dense trees, permanent darkness covers much of the forest floor and it’s even thought that the river itself used to run in the opposite direction – all things that add to the mysterious air.

Another reason why this region is so enchanting is the reason why it got its name. The Amazonians are a group of fearsome female warriors from Greek mythology, and this was the first thing Francisco de Orellana thought off when he discovered the Amazon and was greeted by a hostile tribe known as the Icamiabas (women without husbands).

Nature Abounds

Giant Water Lilies Amazon

Although you’re unlikely to make contact with any of the known tribes who are yet to reach out to the modern world, one thing you will get close to is nature. The natural world surrounds you in a way that always makes it part of your agenda for the day.

Daylight and night time will both present the opportunity to go in search of some of the fascinating wildlife that lives here. Your expert guide will take you to spots that offer the best chance of seeing animals such as howler monkeys, toucans, tapir and more. If you’re lucky, you may even spot some of the more elusive species like jaguars and sloths – now that is something that will definitely stick in your mind.

It's not just the wildlife that makes getting off your ship and trekking through the jungle an exciting experience, though. The flora here is unlike anywhere else in the world. Orchids exist is sizes that dwarf those in your garden, giant water lilies provide a tempting bridge across the water for fleet-footed animals and you’ll get to see the origin of everyday products like coffee, chocolate and rubber.

Amazing Extension Opportunities

Cuzco Peru

Although the River cruise itself will take up the majority of your holiday, there is always the opportunity to add a pre or post-cruise extension that allows you to discover yet more fantastic sights in the area. You could choose to experience the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro before sailing through the Brazilian rainforest, which is sure to feature some strolls along beautiful beaches and visits to iconic attractions like Christ the Redeemer.

Alternatively, you could opt for a Peruvian Amazon river cruise and spend some time in Lima or Cuzco. The former has exploded with a glut of gastronomic delights in recent years, whilst the latter is an ideal spot from which to explore the captivating Incan ruins in the area. However you choose to enhance your trip, a land extension will definitely create even more wonderful memories.

If you would like to know more about the Amazon River cruises we can offer, call the team on 0800 954 0064. You can also sign up to our mailing list and receive all the updates and deals straight to your inbox.

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